How To List

A step-by-step guide about how to start listing IERC20 ticks in the market.

1. Browse the Market

Go to and browse the market. First, you need to connect to your wallet and switch to the Ethereum mainnet.

2. Select the tick and click on "Quick List"

All IERC-20 Inscriptions are now allowed to trade on the market. Select the tick you want to list, and you will see all orders in the "Listed" section.

You can see the tick amount, tick price, and Total price of each order on the card. Check the current market price and click the "Quick List" button to list your order.

An address can have maximum one unfilled order in the market. Before listing a new order, please make sure that there are no uncancelled and unfilled orders.

3. List a new order

Enter the Amount and Price of ticks you want to sell (currency is ETH).

The "Auto" button will help you automatically fill the total price of the order with the floor price of the current market.

You also need to set the listing duration, default is 7 days. After expiration, the order will be automatically removed from the market.

Click "Confirm" and sign the transaction in your wallet. Transactions may take a few seconds to confirm. And there is no gas fee for listing.

4. Check Your List

After the transaction is confirmed, you can view your listings in the "My List" section.

Find your order in the "Listed", you can also cancel the listing here.

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