🔨How to PoW&DPoS Mining

A step-by-step guide about how to burn points to DPoS Mining.

1. Browse the Market

Go to https://ierc20.com/market/ethi and browse the market. First, you must connect to your wallet and switch to the Ethereum mainnet.

2. Go to the PoW&DPoS section

Select the amount of DPoS points you wish to burn and start mining.

The PoW&DPoS Overview

It shows the PoW Difficulty and DPoS Points Consumed of the latest 24-hour data, accurate to the real-time block. The white represents PoW, and the blue represents DPoS.

The greyish blocks represent the latest generated outputs, with darker colours indicating a higher PoW computational power.

The blue blocks represent the latest generated outputs, with the darker colours consumption of DPoS points.

You can also view all your previous DPoS mining data down below.

Please make sure to check your mining strategy details before confirming to mine.: 1. It will be invalid if you choose an exceeding amount of mining. 2. The amount of points you wish to use will be burned and consumed.

3. There will be limited output per block (Max 500).

3. How to PoW mining

For PoW mining, click the GitHub tutorial and follow the steps to operate: https://github.com/IErcOrg/ierc-miner-js

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