๐Ÿ“’Staking Rules

Stake $ethi to Earn DPoS Points

The IERC-20 protocol synergizes DPoS and PoW, unlocking a new equitable inscription distribution mechanism and paving the way for advancements in the field of PoW mining. By staking $ethi, users can earn DPoS points, which grant users computing power; the DPoS point release rate is established at 10 points per block / 1,000 $ethi to ensure a balanced and consistent distribution process. This also enables users to participate in Proof of Work (PoW) without upgrading hardware.

Quick start to earn in 4 Steps๏ผš

  1. Stake $ethi to the pool.โ€จDPoS points are earned by multiplying your staked amount with this reward ratio to get your yield speed.

  2. Your DPoS Points will increase automatically. And all data is recorded on blockchain in real-time.

  3. Your DPoS Points can be used as computing power for PoW mining in the future.

  4. You can withdraw the staked $ethi anytime. For the โ€œfree durationโ€ pool, you can stake and unstake the inscriptions without impacting earned points. The total supply of the new inscription is set at 21 billion.

Each block will initially release 1,000 inscriptions, and this quantity will decrease by half every two years in the first four years, and then see a linear release. In the near future, more inscriptions will be integrated into the staking cooperation, offering more opportunities for staking and the acquisition of points. $ethi and other inscriptions will unlock their enduring and limitless potential on the IERC20 platform. PoW miners and DPoS holders will collaborate to ensure an equitable distribution of the inscription.

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