Decentralization is a fundamental concept in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. IERC PoW is designed to emphasize further and ensure assets' decentralized nature.

The future development of inscriptions relies on a robust digital object format that can handle various use cases while reducing software implementation errors.

  1. Core Decentralization: Decentralization is crucial for network security, trust, and empowerment in blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies. With the PoW model, IERC PoW achieves additional decentralization in the output of inscription assets, encompassing both technical implementation and asset distribution.

  2. Ensuring Rarity and Value of Assets: IERC PoW establishes a computational power output threshold that prevents excessive production and malicious attacks on inscription assets by adopting the PoW approach. This enhances the rarity and value of inscription assets, distinguishing them from assets produced in traditional centralized systems that are susceptible to central authority.

  3. Fair Distribution and Ideal Ecosystem: The PoW model allows any participant to potentially obtain inscription assets based on the computational power they contribute. This encourages more participants to join while ensuring fair asset distribution, contributing to a long-term stable and ideal ecology.

  4. Role as Infrastructure Provider: IERC PoW is a platform and toolset for participants to mine and produce assets according to their needs, without making decisions about specific asset targets. This ensures neutrality and fairness, as IERC PoW is unaffected by changes in the value of any particular asset.

Value of IERC PoW Assets

IERC PoW is the first and only implementation of the concept of PoW output in the Ethereum inscription protocol. It has a complete trading market and a large consensus user base. In the current market conditions, unrestricted access to inscriptions would discourage potential users and lead to concentrated initial distribution, which is detrimental to long-term project development. The current IERC PoW output assets are fully compatible with the trading mechanism of the IERC 20 Market and can be freely traded.

Opinions in the market regarding PoW inscription mining vary. However, as pioneers and creators of Ethereum inscriptions, we believe in the potential of technology. We are dedicated to the ongoing exploration and development of the inscription ecosystem, firmly believing that our endeavours will earn widespread recognition in the market. We are committed to ensuring that supporters of our community receive the value and rewards they deserve.

We welcome all forms of cooperation to promote the development of the Ethereum inscription ecosystem. For business cooperation, you can contact us through our official Twitter channel or via the email address [email protected].

We have deployed two sets of PoW experience inscriptions on the Ethereum mainnet:

⚠️ Notice: These inscriptions are not official targets in any form, and any market activities associated with them are unrelated to the official project.

  • ierc-m4: Requires a mining threshold difficulty of "0x0000".

  • Ierc-m5: Requires a mining threshold difficulty of "0x00000".

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