🤵Ambassador Program

The IERC Protocol is currently seeking like-minds to join our global ambassador and promoter program!

What can you gain from this program?

1. By assisting the IERC Protocol in establishing strategic partnerships or expanding marking promotion, you can receive rewards ranging from 100 to 'no upper limit' USDT case by case. These rewards will be promptly paid upon successful cooperation announced, and there is no maximum limit to what you can earn. 2. Join the extended global team of the IERC Protocol. Your passion and contributions will play a significant role in shaping the future of the IERC Protocol.

What is expected from ambassadors?

As an ambassador, your responsibilities will involve business development and marketing promotion. This includes reaching out to Inscriptions, Cross-bridges, Launchpads, NFT/GameFi, crypto-related projects, or platforms active on any blockchain to form mutually beneficial partnerships and boost protocol exposure.

When communicating with potential ecosystem partners or expanding the market, you can try the following strategies:

1. Project collaborations: Engage in partnerships with other projects to jointly develop activities and share resources, thereby promoting ecosystem growth.

2. Ecosystem event promotion: Organize and promote various ecosystem events such as developer webinars, community engagement events, and anything you specialize in to attract more developers and users to participate.

3. Engage with industry influencers: Connect with industry thought leaders, experts, and well-known individuals, inviting them to participate in promotional activities such as interviews, collaborative articles, or speaking engagements.

4. Organize Twitter Spaces or video/text AMAs: Host interactive AMA sessions on platforms like Twitter Spaces or other live streaming platforms, providing an opportunity for community members and potential users to engage and learn about IERC Protocol.

5. Social media promotion: Utilize various social media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, etc., to share project updates, news, tutorials, or other relevant content, attracting more attention and engagement.

6. Attend industry conferences and exhibitions: Participate in relevant industry conferences, exhibitions, or forums to showcase the project's advantages and innovations and establish connections with other industry participants.

These activities aim to increase market attention and awareness of the IERC protocol. Depending on your target audience and available resources, you can choose suitable activities and develop a corresponding marketing plan.

To become valuable and qualified ambassadors:

1. A strong passion for Web3 and the blockchain industry. 2. Good comprehension of the IERC Protocol. 3. Following the IERC Protocol on Twitter and being a member of the IERC Protocol Official Telegram Group. Active presence or experience as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) on social platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc., or having your own community group. 4. Proficiency in a target language (English, German, Filipino, Korean, French, Spanish, or any other preferred language). 5. Familiarity with collaborating with tech groups, local communities, foundations, projects, startup incubators, etc. Possessing your own community and the ability to connect with project managers will be advantageous.

Join us today and embark on an incredible journey as a Global Ambassador for the IERC Protocol!


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