Phrase I: PoW - Base

Workc & MintHash

IERC PoW builds upon the IERC native protocol by introducing the "workc" field to describe the mining output difficulty. Only Mint Transaction Hashes that meet the workc format are recognized by indexers. All indexers strictly adhere to this rule.

Apart from workc, no other complex or unreasonable concepts or changes have been introduced.

Workc: Describes the mining output difficulty. Only transactions with hash headers meeting this rule will be included.

MintHash: Refers to the transaction hash that complies with the Mint operation in IERC Protocols.

For instance, if you want to mine ierc-m4 inscriptions, your Mint Transaction Hash must start with "0x0000".

const regex = /^0x0000[a-fA-F0-9]{36}$/;
const isValidity = regex.test(mintHash)

// isValidity => true : 0x0000edd685500ca4c1c261e15a3267d364a4a9548966d45a70085c2cfba534b
// isValidity => false : 0xe6cc5edd685500ca4c1c261e15a3267d364a4a9548966d45a70085c2cfba534b
// isValidity => true : 0x0000000685500ca4c1c261e15a3267d364a4a9548966d45a70085c2cfba534b

Deploy & Mint

Before proceeding, you need to understand the deployment mechanism of IERC20 inscriptions through the documentation.

Based on IERC20, you need to add a field called workc in the methods to explain the mining difficulty.

Like this:

// deploy; send 0eth from self to 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000;
	"p":"ierc-20", //protocol name: ierc20 | terc-20    
	"op":"deploy", //operation: deploy/mint/transfer/freeze_sell/proxy_transfer    
	"tick":"ierc-m4", //token tick, can't be repeatable, case insensitive.    
	"max":"21000000", //max supply    
	"lim":"1000", //limit for each mint    
	"wlim":"10000", //limit for each address can maximum mint, address balance < deploy.wlim (Before mint, please do not receive transfers from others, transfers are also counted as balance)    
	"dec":"8", //decimal for minimum divie    
	"nonce":"0", //increasing interger

If you want to mint inscriptions, the data format follows the same mechanism as regular IERC20 inscriptions. Just ensure that your mintHash complies with workc.

We have deployed two sets of PoW experience inscriptions on the Ethereum mainnet:

⚠️ Notice: These inscriptions are not official targets in any form, and any market activities associated with them are unrelated to the official project.

  • ierc-m4: Requires a mining threshold difficulty of "0x0000".

  • Ierc-m5: Requires a mining threshold difficulty of "0x00000".

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