⛏️How to Mine

Using CLI Code

If you have programming basics, you can run our CLI for mining.

  1. Fork our CLI code repository.

git clone https://github.com/IErcOrg/ierc-miner-js
  1. Initialize the package.

yarn install
# or npm install
  1. Import or create a mining account.

# View help information
yarn run cli wallet --help

# Create a new account
yarn run cli wallet -create

# Import an existing account
yarn run cli wallet -set <Your PrivateKey>

# View account information
yarn run cli wallet -show <Your Address>
yarn run cli wallet -show --all
  1. Start mining.

yarn run cli mine <Tick> --account <Your Miner Account>
  1. View help information.

yarn run cli --help

Using the Website

If you have no programming background, you can use our web interface for mining.

Website: https://miner.ierc20.com

This website is fully open-source, and you can check it out at https://github.com/IErcOrg/ierc-miner-js

Other Methods

If you are an excellent developer, you can rewrite the mining program in any language, as long as it can quickly compute mintHash and submit it to the chain.

We will only rely on the actual mintHash on the chain as the sole criterion for indexing.

If you develop an outstanding mining program and are willing to share it as open-source, please contact us.

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