How To Mine

A step-by-step guide about how to Mint IERC-20 Inscriptions:

  1. Search the IERC20 inscriptions available to mint

  2. Connect your wallet

  3. Mint IERC20 inscription directly

  4. Check your IERC20 inscription balance

1. Search the IERC20 inscriptions available to mint

First, go to You can see all the inscriptions that have been deployed and the progress of the tick mining.

Next, go to the Inscriptions Details Page to ensure the mining progress is not completed and how many inscriptions are left to mine.

Don't forget to double-check that the "inscriptions name" is correct.

Also, check the "limit amount of mint" and "the max minting times for a single address".

2. Connect Wallet

Click "Connect Wallet" on the header or "Mint" to connect your wallet. Don't forget to switch to Ethereum chain mainnet.

3. Mine Normal IERC20 inscription

Click "Mine" button, and the amount will be filled in automatically. Confirm the transaction. Minting transaction will only charge you for gas.

Please confirm again before you Mint: 1. Each address can mint inscriptions up to 10 times and any excess minting times will be invalid. 2. Due to block update speed, the current progress of inscription minting may not be accurate and inscriptions may have completed mint.

Before mint, please do not receive transfers from others, transfers are also counted as balance.

After the transaction succeeds, your wallet address will appear in the holder list below, and you can also view your transaction.

You can Trade your inscriptions, or make a Transfer.

4. Check your IERC20 inscription balance

Click on the wallet address on the header, then click on "My Balance" in the drop-down menu.

Or you can also go back to the Homepage and search by wallet address.

Here you can retrieve all the IERC20 inscriptions held, and all inscription transactions related to the address.

Click the highlighted wallet address in the transaction history to switch to view the IERC20 balance and transactions of that address.

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