How To Deploy

You can readily complete the deployment of a new IERC20 tick within three steps at

1. Enter the Tick of the tick

There is no limit to the text length of the Tick and letters are case insensitive, but be careful not to use an already used tick.

If the deployed tick is used, no IERC20 tick will be deployed even if the transaction is successful.

2. Enter the Total supply, Limit per mint and Maximum minting times

The default total supply of ticks is 21,000,000, the limit amount per mint is 1,000 and the maximum minting times for a single address is 10. All data can be customized before deployment.

3. Click "Deploy" and confirm the transaction

Connect your wallet and switch to Ethereum mainnet. After confirming the information, click on "Deploy" button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Once the transaction is successful, you can go to Tick Details Page for minting. Read more minting details here.

Deployment and minting are valid according to the order of transactions on the chain.

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