IERC-20 is an inscription Ethereum Request for comments

IERC 20 A fairer inscription trading market

What is IERC Protocol?

As the pioneering open trading market within the Ethereum inscription ecosystem, our platform serves as a scalable solution for Ethereum and enhances compatibility with a diverse range of Inscription protocol services. The IERC Protocol facilitates the seamless buying and selling of a wide array of inscriptions based on the IERC and Ethscription protocols, ensuring a user-friendly and accessible experience for all.


The IERC 20 has introduced a comprehensive set of efficient and gas-saving indexes built on Ethereum. By utilizing hexadecimal representation, event information is permanently stored in the EVM input, ensuring tamper-proof data integrity.

When no value is sent, events are directed to the black hole address, facilitating faster information retrieval for indexing purposes. This approach optimizes the protocol's performance and enhances the efficiency of data retrieval and analysis.


On the content, we use JSON, which is consistent with brc20. But due to the particularity of Ethereum, we need to add a prefix to match the type, so the content of the inscription tick needs to be prefixed.


Followed by JSON, their events are: Deploy\Mint\Transfer\Proxy transfer\Freeze sell.

Here is a simple example:



data:application/json,{"p": "ierc-20","op": "transfer","tick": "ethi","nonce": "45","to": [{"recv": "0x7BBAF8B409145Ea9454Af3D76c6912b9Fb99b2A9","amt": "10000"}]}

Proxy transfer

Freeze sell

Website: https://ierc20.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EthinscXYZ

Github: https://github.com/peoplecoin00/terc20#readme

Discord: https://discord.gg/wXxAKTUH

Mirror: https://mirror.xyz/0x0afdffE12556E81D6e57789F972EFAb3cA12F1d7

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