Insights and Demands Arise

The IERC Protocol was established in response to the pressing need to tackle numerous critical issues in the crypto market and to the demand for cost-effective and highly secure Ethereum inscription transactions. Meanwhile, problems such as liquidity withdrawals, rug pulls, and hidden positions have significantly eroded trust and led to substantial financial losses for participants. To effectively tackle these challenges while prioritizing the security of investors' interests. IERC20 is actively mitigating disruptions and cultivating a robust ecosystem. We drive stability, minimize disruptions, and promote a transparent and accountable ecosystem. This represents a significant milestone in the IERC 20 market's journey towards complete decentralization and openness.

Milestones of the Marketplace

Since its inception, we have achieved noteworthy strides and remarkable success in the crypto market. As a scalable inscription that facilitates faster and more cost-effective transactions while upholding the security of the Ethereum mainnet, the IERC 20 market supports all fundamental features of inscription ticks, establishing a solid foundation for the platform's robust economic model. IERC 20 market launched the groundbreaking $ETHI tick and the OG Card, which early contributors can benefit from, such as renewal exemption, market profit sharing, and pledge bonuses.

The IERC 20 ecosystem places paramount importance on the security of user assets and strives to promote a secure and thriving trading environment. Following the principles of scientific rigour and operational efficiency, the current indexing speed of IERC is in first place in the Ethereum ecosystem. We support various user cases, including Deploy, Mint, Transfer, Proxy Transfer, and Freeze sell indexings. Our indexing approach benchmarks zero and specialized addresses to ensure efficient block retrieval. This streamlined method maximizes efficiency and encourages broader participation, enabling more individuals to contribute to the IERC ecosystem.

To enhance compatibility with a wide range of Inscription protocol services, meticulously designed to safeguard the rights and interests of retail investors, ensuring a secure and inclusive market environment, IERC 20 has added multiple sets of user-friendly and high-performance protocols to optimize gas fees and catalyzes advancing the inscription technology. We have launched the IERC-721 BETA test net. On top of that, the newly introduced Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining mechanism is designed to emphasize further and ensure the decentralized nature of assets and fair emission, revitalizing Ethereum's POW mining and allowing it to regain its prominence in the crypto space.

The IERC 20 market paves the way for a renewed and thriving ecosystem by balancing scientific principles and practical performance. We have achieved tremendous success within a month of our grand opening, drawing thousands of users' attention and active participation in the market platform. This enthusiastic response shows strong affirmation within the Inscription community, solidifying our position as a leading player in the Inscription community.

Path to the Ideal Ecosystem

In the next phase, leveraging our solid foundation and the current market stability, we are strategically focused on advancing our products and ecosystem growth. In the market, alliances with various ecosystems and partnerships with different public chains are integral to our strategy. We've proactively communicated with multiple stakeholders to explore collaborative opportunities. This includes potential cooperative endeavors with various public chains as we seek to enrich and diversify our project's impact.

In TechWise, our commitment extends to enhancing compatibility with multiple inscription protocol services, aiming to create a comprehensive ecosystem within the IERC 20 trading market that caters to the diverse needs of our users. To achieve this vision, we are on the way towards the development of the following features:


To promote the development of inscription technology, we use an integrated approach, deepen our technical path, and facilitate user-friendly access through API and SDK offerings.

Creator Royalty

The IERC 20 marketplace is committed to empowering creators by offering comprehensive royalty services that ensure they receive well-deserved incentives for their valuable contributions.

Cross-Chain Bridge & Stablecoin

  1. EVM Cross-Chain Bridge: Breaking through the barrier of the Ethereum ecosystem to achieve interoperability and introduce more mainstream inscriptions into the ecosystem.

  2. BRC20 Cross-Chain Bridge: Enabling Ethereum users to participate in the BTC inscription ecosystem carnaval easily.

Domain (DNS) & NFTs

Leveraging the IERC20 protocol as a base, introducing data protocols like domain and NFTs diversifies the ecosystem, enabling a wider range of use cases and functionalities.

IERC block explorer

Develop an ecologically exclusive IERC block explorer to clarify users' data and historical transaction records and empower the protocol system.

Plugin wallet

Develop an ecological plugin wallet to support functions such as IERC20 tick transfer and balance inquiry to empower the ecosystem.

Cross-Validation & Offline Signature

Offline signature cross-validation uses the zk Layer2 solution to reduce the congestion on Ethereum.


IERC SWAP will be one of the core segments in extending the IERC protocol. IERC is setting to collaborate closely with esteemed members of the Ethereum Foundation, forging a synergistic partnership to establish a robust theoretical foundation for the groundbreaking IERC SWAP initiative.

Eco Union & Ambassador Program

  1. Alliance Ethscriptions, BRC20, Taproot, and other ecosystem partnerships.

  2. An official ambassador program is on the horizon, poised to be launched eagerly. Please wait for the official announcement of details and consult the official to establish cooperation intentions in advance.

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