How To Transfer

The transfer function of IERC20 is super advanced and supports Bulk Transfers. You can fill in multiple inscriptions receiving addresses and customize the amount of inscriptions.

1. Check your IERC20 balance

Before transferring, you should connect wallet and check your wallet balance first.

Here you can retrieve all the IERC20 inscriptions you are holding and all inscription transactions related to this address.

2. Enter multiple receiving address and inscription amount

Click on the β€œTransfer” button on the Balance page directly or go to the Inscription details page.

Then you can fill in only one receiving address, or you can add multiple receiving addresses by clicking "Add transfer address".

Package multiple transfers in the same on-chain transaction can effectively providing smooth interaction and reducing costs.

3. Click "Send" and confirm the transaction

Transactions may take a few seconds to confirm, and soon you will be able to view the new balances. If the balance is incorrect, please refresh the page and wait, or contact the community administrator on Discord.

* Please make sure you have enough balance. Check your balance first.

* Before mint, please do not receive transfers from others, transfers are also counted as balance.

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