In a DPoS system, the mining output of users is entirely determined by the DPoS_EOA (Delegated Proof of Stake Externally Owned Account) points they hold. When users are ready to perform a Mint operation, they can choose the amount of points they want to consume and pay gas fees to have the transaction added to the blockchain. The calculation of rewards follows the following formula:

  1. The formula for calculating the DPoS weight is as follows:

Weight=BurnPointsBurnPointsTWeight = \frac{BurnPoints}{BurnPoints_T}

  • WeightWeight represents the proportion of rewards that you will receive in this block.

  • BurnPointsBurnPoints Represents the number of points you consume in this transaction.

  • BurnPointsTBurnPoints_T Represents the total sum of points used effectively in the block where this transaction is included.

  1. The formula for calculating DPoS rewards is as follows:

Rewards = WeightWeightT  (BlockRewardsRatioDPoS(1+LastEmptyCount)) Rewards = \frac{Weight}{Weight_T} * (BlockRewards * Ratio_{DPoS} * (1+LastEmptyCount)) 

  • WeightWeight represent the mining rewards that you can obtain in the current block.

  • WeightTWeight_T represents the total sum of weights of all valid mining activities in the current block.

  • BlockRewards  RatioDPoSBlockRewards * Ratio_{DPoS} represents the output rewards of each DPoS block. Initially, it is 50% of 1000 tokens. After every two years, it halves until the fourth year, when it maintains a fixed output ratio.

  • LastEmptyCountLastEmptyCount is the number of consecutive blocks without valid DPoS transactions in the previous block or blocks. This value increases the rewards for subsequent blocks until a valid transaction occurs.

DPoS Staking

Staking is an important component of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). In DPoS, users have the option to stake or delegate their tokens by choosing an appropriate staking strategy.

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