💦How to Stake

A step-by-step guide about how to stake $ethi and earn DPoS points on the market.

1. Browse the Market

Go to https://ierc20.com/market/ethi and browse the market. First, you need to connect to your wallet and switch to the Ethereum mainnet.

2. Click on the "Stake" menu at the bottom of the main page

Select a pool you wish to stake.

Please enter the number of inscriptions you have selected to deposit.

Make sure to read the stake rules.

3. Confirm and Stake inscription and track your DPoS rewards

Confirm details and deposit the inscription; you will see a confirmation in your wallet.

DPoS points are earned by multiplying your staked amount by your choice's different inscription reward ratios to get your yield speed. The DPoS point release rate is established at 10 points per block / 1,000 $ethi to ensure a balanced and consistent distribution process. Your obtained points will be transformed into computing power for PoW mining.

4. Flexible & Fixed Stake Pool

For the "Flexible Stake Pool", you can stake and withdraw the staked inscriptions anytime without impacting earned points.

The "Fixed Stake Pool" has a predetermined stake lock-up period and stake amount. All inscriptions will stop yielding rewards after the lock-up period. ​

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